1. What can i expect to see on this site? 

  • Jerk Off Instructional Videos 
  • Female Masturbation 

2. How much content do you have and how often do you update? 

As of June 2019, we have approx 70 videos / 70 photo sets set to be published over time. We update 1-5 times per month. We have no set update cycle, we just update as and when we have stuff ready. 

3. What do members get? 

Unlimited HD 720p streaming (some videos are not available to weekly members) and discounted 4K UHD downloads, some videos are FREE to download for members. All Photo sets are FREE to download for members. 

4. Do I need to be a member to access videos? 

No, non-members can purchase individual clips. If you don't see 'Download for $xx.xx' for a particualr title, then this title is exclusive to members only. 

5. Why does this site exist? 

We needed a harder site to showcase sexy babes fingering their pussys. You can visit our softer 'tease' sites by visiting (tits), (ass), (reading erotica).  

6. I have a suggestion, can I contact you? 

Yes, please do so, we have a contact form.